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  1. Genie says:

    Dear Virgo *

    I apologize for removing so many posts, I love writing poetry, however, I discovered that, what Edward Snowden says is absolutely true about the microphones in computers, tablets and cell phones: they are never turned off, this was confirmed by Apple, Inc.
    It wasn’t easy to get them to tell me that this is that case with all of their products, they lied and denied at first, I am unrelenting about not being lied to and and after a big ordeal with many top supervisors who all lied and denied, one did finally tell me, but won’t put it in writing, that the microphones which a part of the internal speakers are always turn on even when the sound is turned down and all the options to not use the microphones are tuned off, that in fact, they are turned on and there is no way to turn them off nor put tape over them to block the sound.

    I use the TOR Browser most of the time.
    But this does not stop the sound of even breathing and the sound of the heart beating that is sent to Apple and all the spying agencies that gets listened to when one is near a computer.

    Until this stops, I will not be writing any new poetry that I post online.
    I may use my blog to educate people about the spying on all levels by the big corporations and governments, etc.

    Of course the trail all leads to the cancer of the middle east: ‘Israel’

    • Voigemast says:

      Dear Genie, You dont need to apologize for anything.
      Take Good Care my Friend and God Bless You Genie Dear *
      only thing which matter first is inside as, they can do strange idiotic things on the web or everyday in reality but real weakness is based always on uneducation slavery and those cant see, cant understand anything, they are blind slaves.
      people dont change because as long there is a uneducated low soul slaves, there is always after them sneaking, spying, provocatings and other crimes.
      Please dont spend Your emotions on these kind of human trash.
      You have to be strong and left all slaves where they belong.
      There is one Chinese proverb.. Peacefully sit down by the river and being quetly Peace comes inside You. and soon You,ll see how enemies bodys swim thru the river with downflow.


      • Genie says:

        Dear Virgo,
        I am turning off internet services today and selling my computer. There us no way other than removing the speakers that have the microphone in them to have privacy from being spied on via voice and other sounds in the house such as music; other than not have a computer.
        Apple told me that there us no way to remove the speaker in all the new models of computers without disabling the computer from functioning, in other words, the speakers and microphone are interconnected to all the other software to prevent people from removing them.

        I was just hung up on by DELL computers when I phoned to inquire about purchasing a computer that can have the internal speakers and microphone removed: they won’t answer questions like that because it would incriminate them in their spying cooperation with the spying agencies.

        I agree, it’s not worth my time to try and educate slaves to the system, they don’t listen and are brainwashed.
        The tyrants who make slaves by brainwashing, etc., don’t listen because they benefit from turning humans into slaves.

        I will go to the local library now and then to use their computers to check my email occasionally and look up information that I might need, but other than that, I won’t be buying another computer nor buying internet services.

        I’ve never had a cellphone, nor will I ever have one: being spied on and GPS tracking are not for me.

        Nature is where I find peace and privacy, I go deep into the wilderness and find solace and renewal.

        take good care, dear friend,

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