rothschild’s zionist khazarian vassal state of israhell

Ever since America was invaded by the Rothschild Khazarian [Rothschild’s Heritage] Banking Mafia [NWO] in 1913, America has functioned as a Khazarian [Turkey] Mafia Vassal State. Israel [Syno…

Source: Rothschild’s Zionist Khazarian Vassal State Of Israel


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3 Responses to rothschild’s zionist khazarian vassal state of israhell

  1. Genie says:

    Play On

    My Stradivarius was stolen,
    They forgot the bow:
    It’s my sad-song-slingshot.

    Palestine is my Stradivarius.
    Palestine is my homeland,
    My grandfather
    Was exiled by the occupiers.
    I live in exile with the bow
    My grandfather gave me,
    Palestine is my inheritance.

    I own the bow to my
    Stolen Stradivarius.

    The occupiers can’t play
    Its music, they don’t know
    Music, theirs is the blood
    Siren of war drums.

    The war drums are rebelling,
    Chasing their tails in circles
    Trying to find my bow.

    I’ve hidden my long braids
    That grew from Palestinian DNA
    On dove’s wings;
    Who sling rocks at thieves
    With my sad-song-slingshot.

    Mother tells me to play music.
    I remind her my bow sings
    Palestinian resistance
    Because they forgot the bow.

    My stolen Stradivarius is
    Useless without my bow.
    That’s why the war drums
    Chase my Palestinian DNA
    Long braids; they don’t know
    I’ve hidden my bow
    On dove’s wings.

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