Over mountains and tall trees Divine light showers me With a blanket rainbow divine Its mysticism brightly shines In my heart and in my mind Bringing solace with its kind Grace abounding in perfect…

Source: Glow


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4 Responses to Glow

  1. Genie says:

    Every day I walk around my little town and wonder: what did I do to ever be so lucky to get to live in this paradise? (I took the photo from my front porch, but the back porch and backyard is even more spectacular because it’s right on the lake).

    • Voigemast says:

      Lucky you with nature *

      • Genie says:

        Yes, I am very lucky and blessed, it’s why I always have Palestine and on my mind and other opressed and disposed peoples, the zionists are going to be the death of us all unless someone stops them.
        I do fully believe that the criminal so called “state of Israel” will have a funeral — for its days are numbered. When America topples and falls, Israel will be next.

      • Voigemast says:

        You are right as always. God Bless You, World and Palestina *

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