when we see Light, we forget ourself. its about You Genie. seems that You too … things just happened here and there is somehow Your post about that. Good Connection i hope ..


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6 Responses to Bonds

  1. Genie says:

    We have a deep bond, dear Virgo.
    When I think about you, I think of our connection to Jonhnny Reid, and how you let me know about his new album, I just love this song!:

    • Voigemast says:

      Thanks Genie.. what about your link…

      • Genie says:

        You are most welcome, Virgo.
        Are you able to watch the video in your country? there are some countries, like America, where all Johhny Reid songs are not allowed to be played, something about copyrights, or perhaps he’s too healthy in his songs, not degenerate enough for the mind control Zio-Freak Banksters to allow in as a good influence…

      • Voigemast says:

        yes, restricted area but watched same song i sent You from award.. Be Good and Thanks Genie :

      • Genie says:

        Too bad! I’ll send you the song in an email, okay?
        It’s such a beautiful song, he sings it with his whole heart.

      • Voigemast says:

        Yes, See You there later..

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