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What goes around, comes around…

If a house could speak, It’d be silent about the gossip of the week. People chummy up in order To know all about you, Then go to the local café Splattering privacy to Eager participants, who … Source: What goes … Continue reading

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Home is where the heart is… Or so it’s been said; People say a lot of things— Quick with catchy phrases, Quotes, idioms… When they could have Fair earth and sky I wonder why They … Source: Where?

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New Chapter

“Maybe in another life I’d’v been a political analysis ” then I laughed, raised up my glass .. and left . My whole life been in and out of politics , going in circles about … Source: New Chapter

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“Who is it that says most, which can say more Than this rich praise, that you alone are you.” Crystalline amethyst crown within center, On authenticity’s shore, on a pastel sea, I… Source: Sparkle

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The heaven religions peddle Forbids entry of dogs, If there are no dogs— Then it’s not heaven. Source: Angel

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