The end of September is 2022 years from Jesus Christ Birth

Truth is foundation of Love. And Love relation to Truth is same. The end of September or beginning of October comes 2022 years from birth of Joshua, Jesus Christ. When it was 2000 years from that time 1993 year, World public was at ignorance, they dismissed or lied about it with silence. There is so many lies in todays so called ,public, that most people or ,population, have no idea meaning of Truth = Love. And all same about Jesus Christ and He,s parents who was 100% Palestinian Arabs. Jesus was born in only Holly Land Palestina Petra Jordan Hebron. Last 120 years World and Palestina is poisoned with zionism – zionistic slaves who made & make occupation genocide war crimes on Palestine Land. its straitly possible to compare slave zionist ,jewish, criminals during last 120 years and when they killed Joshua . slaves came from Egypt to other people land Palestina and today zionism is the highest proof of slavery and its nothing but slaves in it. zionistic slaves made many false ,revolutions, in Europe – Russia and Spain is just few of them. and criminal nonsense eu itself – just looking by side ignorantly war crimes occupation genocide. there was a criminal jewish extremist plan from 1893 / 1897 that zionistic ,congress, decided to poison World with its canser – so called zionism. Sadly today usa, most European countrys, Canada, Europe and eu supports criminal zionism. But its not those countrys people but its theys false non legitime governments & not legal parliaments. there been no ownest votings or elections for nations, its so clear during last 120 years. and who got some intelligence, there is possible to see the very reasons of IWW & IIWW which was same. Three zionistic war criminals: j. stalin, t. roosevelt, w. churchill destroyed World, Europe and usa, behind them was zionistic criminals. its really hard to believe that those kind of ,human, trash was not able to see or understand what they was doing or who was behind them.   Remember the Truth, even if you are the only one who can see and understand it.   When World people could wake up and see ?   Is it the End Times now ?   One good Soul sayd: The most dangerous weapon is Love, you cant see it, you cant touch it, you cant smell it, its more dangerous than nuclear bomb.   So use it if you brave enough.   Dont wait a second.   And dont forget Truth.  I wish You Peace and Love *


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6 Responses to The end of September is 2022 years from Jesus Christ Birth

  1. Genie says:

    Thank you. I wish you Peace and Love*, as well.

  2. Voigemast says:

    Hi Genie * Good to see you, yes you are right Thank you. Are you still @ tw as before? pls dm somehow somewhere maybe if thats ok. i wish you a beautiful day God bless you*

  3. Genie says:

    Hi Voigemast * Good to see you, as well.

    No, I’m not on twitter, never have been.

    I’ll sent you some music, maybe some more Johnny Reid?

    Thank you! I wish you a beautiful day too!

    May God, the merciful, attend to your every need.

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