#Palestina #Petra #Jordan #Hebron #Gaza #Occupation #Genocide #War #Crimes : & last century human? World has no leaders- no orgs- no governments- no parliaments- no journalism- no media- no news no more.  no elections- no votings- no communitys- no nations- no countrys no more.  you can not find even true history at so called ,history books,- its all false in sleeping lies.  120 years of poor slaves zionism which/ who poisoned Europe, Russia, Spain, Usa, Eu & there is not one person in public, tv, newspaper, news, media, journalism who could open theys mouth.  so called people at false media  is bigger criminals than false so called ,politicians,- & one looking to another crimes with nonsense ignorant silence or lies.  criminal international orgs belongs to zionistic corps, zionistic nato starts more wars in last century than you cant find during last 1000 years before.  these are not humans not people, those are slaves, poor slaves without nothing.  if theys heart & mind is so blind- how dark is then ignorant weak uneducation inside them ?


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