▶ #GazaUnderAttack| Imagine… That This Would Be Your Child! – In Pictures

Wake up ppl #World , still zionistic slaves run #eu #europe #usa . no journalism no media no elections no countrys no more nations but slaves. zionistic slaves. destroy and eliminate your zionistic criminals from each europe country gov parliam & false usa. its time to wake up

Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

by @occpal | July 29, 2014 | Last Update Aug 21, 2014

No words needed
Just watch

And imagine this would be your child
You would fight
You would resist
You would pray that
The world wakes up
That the world would act
To end the genocide

Share to end the ignorance

These are children wounded and killed during the current Israeli massacres on Gaza

Click on any image to start a slideshow


You might rob me of my last inches of land…
And throw my youth to years of imprisonment…
You might put out a flame in my darkest night…
And deprive me of my mother’s kiss…
You might rob me of a fragment of my dreams…
And deprive our children of the joy of celebrating a Eid with new clothes..
You might build around me walls and walls, enemy of…

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